Get Your Name in Lights!

To begin, connect your device to the "XMAS LIGHTS" WI-FI hotspot at the house!

Once connected to Wi-Fi - a "login page" should appear on most phones. You'll then be able to enter the names to go up on to the house roof!*

Press here if you are not automatically redirected after connecting

Why WI-FI? Well it's the easiest way to restrict the interactive functionally to just the people out the front of my house, rather than the entire world :-)

So how exactly does this work? This is a customised Wi-Fi Captive Portal - technology how Hotels, Airports, Macca's Free Wi-Fi, etc can redirect you to a login or 'Terms & Conditions' page after connecting. However instead I display my own web interface - so you can request names to appear on the house roof.

This Wi-Fi system does not provide any Internet - just disconnect from Wi-Fi for your cellular Internet access to resume.

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* This system operates with a database of 'known' first names. * Any other (unknown) text entered will not be displayed. * Name requests maybe declined without reason. * Compatibility with all devices cannot be guaranteed. * Your activity on this system is logged, including your device type, hostname and hardware MAC address. * Any abuse or unruly behaviour may result in your device being banned from this system without reason. * If asked to leave, you agree to do so immediately without fuss. * This system may be usage limited or taken offline completely in the event of wet weather, crowd control issues or outbreak of technical gremlins. * You are connecting to the WI-FI hotspot at your own risk! (Whilst this system should not do any harm to your device, I will not be held responsible for any issue(s) that may arise.) * This Wi-Fi hotspot is not encrypted (eg: unsecure) therefore the usual unsecure WiFi risks should be considered. * This Wi-Fi hotspot does not provide normal internet connectivity therefore your device and it’s applications will be 'offline' whilst the Wi-Fi hotspot is connected. Just disconnect from the Wi-Fi to get your normal mobile internet connection back online. * Be good for Santa!